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Apr 22, 2024
"Surf After Work"
Always good to have a beach close by when projects are driving me nuts.


Bom Sucesso, Portugal
Apr 22, 2024
"Perfect for Kitesurfing"
I run a kitesurfing school in Bom Sucesso. The location is perfect for beginners and people who can rip. Contact me if you want to lear


Bom Sucesso, Portugal
Apr 22, 2024
"Work from the Beach"
I come here as much as I can to work close to the beach. The location by the lagoon is beautiful - and so are the people.


Apr 22, 2024
"Decided to stay"
Came here two years ago for the first time, met a boy, decided to stay - bought a house and am enjoying life by the beach.


Architectual Designer

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Reach out if you have further questions or wan't to support our project.

What is Atlantic?

Atlantic is a platform designed for remote workers to discover and live in beautiful rural areas outside major cities. We collaborate with local partners to offer comfortable homes, coworking spaces, and community activities. Our gaol is to revitalize rural economies by boosting demand in these areas, offering lower living costs and a better quality of life for remote workers. It also focuses on sustainability by promoting off-season tourism to reduce environmental strain during peak seasons.

What are the benefits?

Remote work offers the opportunity to live in areas with lower living costs and a better quality of life. You can enjoy more space, a peaceful environment, and a tight-knit community, all while maintaining your job.

How do we revitalise local economies?

Remote work boosts demand in rural areas, helping to revive regions with declining populations. This strengthens local economies and reduces housing pressure in cities, making urban living more affordable.

Who can join Atlantic?

Atlantic is open to anyone  looking for a new place to live and work. Whether you're a freelancer, a remote employee, or an entrepreneur, or a local carpenter you're welcome to join our community.

How does Atlantic contribute to sustainability?

At Atlantic, sustainability is a core principle. Our founder's extensive research on sustainable tourism development has shaped our approach. One of the key challenges in many regions is the seasonality of tourism, where high-season influxes put pressure on the environment and local populations, while off-season periods see these areas becoming deserted.Our concept aims to balance this by marketing available capacity during the off-season to remote workers. By encouraging remote workers to live and work in these locations during the off-season, we help create a more stable and sustainable economic environment. This approach reduces the environmental strain during peak seasons and supports local economies year-round.

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