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Portugal Airbnb Investment Calculator

15 Feb 2022
7 min read

Airbnb Investment Calendar v1.0

Welcome to the Airbnb Investment Calendar, designed to help you calculate the business potential of an Airbnb investment.

Important Notes

  • This file is read-only. Please create a copy to make changes.
  • Generally, all green fields are input variables; everything else is calculated automatically.
  • Manual adjustments may be needed for some tables (e.g., the amortization period on tab 6).
  • Once you've copied the file, you can modify the formulas as needed.


I am not a financial adviser or expert. This tool was created for basic, back-of-the-envelope calculations and is not intended as financial advice. However, it has been helpful to me. For suggestions or improvements, please contact


  1. Investment Summary: Start by entering basic assumptions for property purpose.
  2. Net Operating Income: Add assumptions for revenue generation and operating costs.
  3. Cashflow: Calculate Net Operating Profit minus Mortgage Payments.
  4. Renovation Costs: Enter renovation costs, prioritizing according to importance.
  5. Renovation Pivot: Use this for easy calculation of renovation costs to include in the investment summary (tab 1).
  6. Amortization Table: View principal and interest payments over time.

Link to: Portugal Airbnb Investment Calculator on Google Sheets (create copy)